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Progressing from Year 12 into Year 13

Pupils’ welfare is of paramount importance, and we believe that regular attendance throughout the year is essential for their academic success and emotional development.  

Sixth form students should strive to achieve consistently good attendance, as poor attendance will affect academic attainment. Students should therefore aim for at least 96% attendance. An exemplary record of attendance says a huge amount about you as a person: that you are dedicated, well-motivated, organised and someone who takes their responsibilities seriously. Good attendance also plays an important part when applying to higher education establishments or future employment.  

Attendance affects both learning and student grades. Attendance below 90% equates to the loss of half a day per week and research suggests, nationally a drop of half a grade when sitting examinations. Below 80%; a full day per week and research suggests, a drop of one whole grade in the long run. References requested for UCAS, training courses and employers will include student's attendance record. If a student is in receipt of a bursary, then this may also be impacted.  

In the case of a student's attendance being below 96%, this can form the grounds on which the school takes the decision to not allow a student to progress from Year 12 into Year 13.