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Why Work for us?

The Nishkam School Trust has come a long way since 2009. Opening a new school or nursery nearly every year. We are on a journey and it was Michel Legrand that once wrote “The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realise, the less I know.”

The Trust is evolving together as a family. We know that to reach our highest aspirations for our students, through embedding values to go beyond each student’s expectations in every part of their learning journey. We continue to pay great emphasis on our programme of Continuous Professional Development focusing on reaching our school vision. “To empower children with virtues, to enable them to excel academically and spiritually.” Please see article from Amanda HM Chief Inspector

Nishkam Schools aim to nurture lifelong learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and compassionate contributors to society. We have, as a trust, grown and have become a family of teachers and students that have the same attitude, respect and love for becoming better human beings and improving our minds and hearts to make a difference in our homes, community and the wider world. If global is local then we are here to show our neighbours that we can all work together and improve not only our education in learning and teaching but our life experience to become selfless humble individuals.

“All the world is my school and all humanity my teacher”. George Whitman We are improving, developing and finding innovative ways to bring a new way of education to the world. The first multi-faith trust in the country showing the way forward to all that we can share our common values to strive for excellence. We thank you for being part of our journey and we welcome you to the family.

Staff Benefits

We know that teaching and working in schools can be hugely rewarding. We recognise that our staff give a lot to the school, their colleagues, our students, and their families. As a thank you, through our staff benefits, we hope to offer various ways to ensure that all staff that work for the school enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Competitive salaries

We offer competitive salaries for both teaching and non-teaching staff based on the type and level of role you do. Pay ranges are reviewed annually and are regularly higher than National Teacher Pay Scales.

Excellence Awards

Staff are rewarded for exceptional performance through an additional pay award at the end of the academic year.

Career Progression Opportunities

We show loyalty to our staff through training and advancement opportunities.  The school will provide financial support with access to National Professional Qualifications (NPQH/NPQML/NPQSL) and to other external courses of study that are of benefit to the school, including at Masters and Doctorate level.

Professional Development

The school has a thorough schedule of training for all staff in addition to opportunities to attend conferences and off-site training events relevant to your role. We work collaboratively with other schools, which provides opportunities to visit and share best practice.

Coaching and mentoring support for Early Careers Teachers & Teach First teachers.

Every member of staff has access to the National College e-learning service designed specifically for the education sector. The service combines a broad range of online courses.

Coaching for Leaders

We believe that professional leadership coaching can help foster self-understanding and drive lasting, transformational change. We offer 1:1 coaching for both our middle and senior leaders.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a free, confidential counselling and wellbeing support service that provides support to all employees, their partner/spouse, and dependent children over 16 still living at home.

Flexible Working

A diverse workforce with work-life balance is important for us so flexible working arrangements are available on request.

October Half Term break

We plan our term dates in a way that allows for a 2-week October half term break.

Before and After School Care

A highly subsidised Breakfast Club and after school care is available to all staff with children at the school.

Staff Room Facilities

There is a large staff room available to all members of staff. Tea, coffee, and milk are provided in the staff room free of charge as well as microwaves, toasters, and fridges.

Staff Car Park and Free Charging Points

The school has a large staff car park which is available for any member of staff wishing to drive to work. 

We also provide 16 free charging points for electric vehicles.


Please click on the link to see our current vacancies     


Expressions of Interest:

At Nishkam School West London, we are always looking for talented and committed individuals to join our team.  Unfortunately, there are occasions where we do not have any vacancies but we really do hate to miss out on talent.  If you do see yourself fitting well in our school and are interested in hearing about future opportunities, please click the link below and submit your CV.   We will keep these details on file for any future recruitment cycles.

Interested in Working at the School

Please note- any expressions of interest will be held in confidence.  We will not speak to any current employers or seek any references unless we begin a formal interview process.