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Appointment of Head Boy and Head Girl at NSWL Primary

This year we appointed our first Year 6 Head Boy and Head Girl team. This forms part of our commitment to providing a range of leadership opportunities to pupils across the Primary Phase. The pupils selected went through a rigorous application process which included being interviewed by myself and Mrs Kaur, Assistant Headteacher KS2.

The pupils below were ultimately chosen thanks to their commitment to the school as well as their ability to be excellent role models of virtues for all other pupils. Although the pupils have not been able to carry out all of their intended duties due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the team has done a fantastic job of demonstrating that they are models of excellence to the whole school community.

Miss Militello

Deputy Head Teacher

Message from the Head Girl and Head Boy 2020-2021 team

Hello everyone, we are the Nishkam School West London Head Boy & Girl pupil leadership team. Our names are Meher G (Head Girl), Tejpal S (Head Boy), Esher S (Deputy Head Girl), Bhaksees M (Deputy Head Boy) and Ekkam K (Deputy Head Girl).

We think it is really important that we are always excellent role models to other pupils. Many people have agreed that we are good representatives and great role models for the school. This is because we always make sure we are being trustworthy, honest and can be relied on to do the right thing. It is important that we show the virtues inside and outside the classroom. When people are sad, hurt or lonely we need to make sure we show compassion and kindness. We also get to reward other pupils for showing the virtues. It is important that we show excellent behaviour so that other people can see us doing the right thing and want to do the same.

We are always friendly and make sure we are listening out for ways to help improve the school. We like it when other children share their ideas with us, and we ask other children for their views. It is important that we try to encourage everyone to speak up, and we like to share the views of the school with our class teachers and Miss Militello.

We haven’t been able to do as many things as we had planned this year, but we enjoy working as a team. It is great that other children can look up to us and feel that they can come to us with a problem or suggestion about how we can make the school even better!