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Reflecting on my time at school

Monday 10th May 2021

When we first came back to school, I felt a bit anxious because of how long we had off but when I came in, I just clicked back into my old routine. I had to adjust to the fact that now we would have to wear masks in class as well as the corridors, but it was easy to get used to. Coming back to school was hard but also exciting because I could finally see my friends after a very long time. My teachers, who are working really hard to help us catch up with all the work we missed throughout lockdown, have been preparing us as much as they possibly can for our KATs. My year groups designated area is the MUGA which is really fun because we can play things like such as football or basketball through our breaks and lunches. I’ve had to use the virtues of resilience while catching up with all my missed work and doing my KAT2 exams. I am looking forward to having fun and making memories with my friends at school.

Ashmeet - Pupil at Nishkam School West London